What can I do for you?


My goal is translated content that reads as if it was originally written in the target language without altering the original meaning or omitting any details, no matter how seemingly insignificant. This involves thorough terminology research and making sure that the intended message is being conveyed.

I specialize in the following areas with Marketing being my favorite:

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Software Localization (I translated the user interface of several QuarkXPress versions)
  • Website translation/localization for specific markets (the latest being the “Inspect and Track” Website of the Brady Corporation)
  • Business/economics /public relations
  • eBusiness/eCommerce
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Medical (general)
  • Legal (general)
  • Transcription


Translation Tools

  • Studio 17
  • Office 2016
  • Adobe Acrobat full version
  • OS: Windows 10



Bilingual comparison, verifying the use of correct terminology and making sure that syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, and style are correct.


Checking the translated text for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes and making sure that cross-references and the translation of UI strings are correct. Proofreading is usually done after Desktop Publishing to ensure that the final version is error free.

Software/Localization Testing

Testing is usually done at the client’s site but can be done remotely as well. It involves a thorough comparison of the translation with the printed documentation, basic functionality tests and attention to areas that are specific to the respective language or region.

Quality Assurance – Multilingual Reviews

Reviewing multilingual documents for missing or incorrect punctuation and for grammar and formatting errors (font and space issues).

Cross-cultural Consultation

Since I spent all of my formative years in Germany I am thoroughly familiar with the culture and business customs so I can advise my clients on how to address their German business partners correctly. German business correspondence, for example needs to be formal. We would never address people by their first names but would always use Mr. or Mrs. and then their last names.

Chrissy is an excellent translator to work with. She is easy to reach and consistently delivers quality translations.
— Sarah Van Lanen, Project Manager at The Geo Group Corporation